Child Custody / Time-Sharing

At Grazi & Gianino, our child custody attorney (family law attorney) is dedicated to helping clients with their time-sharing needs. Going through a divorce can be very difficult, and issues related to child custody are often of major concern to divorcing couples. Time-sharing in the state of Florida, can be one of the most important and difficult issues for divorcing couples with a child or children. When a couple is divorced and both parties share responsibilities for the child or children, the roles and responsibilities of each parent are expressed in a detailed parenting plan. The parenting plan includes information regarding timesharing, communications with the child (children), and responsibilities for the child’s (children’s) healthcare, education and other matters affecting their overall well-being.

Parental responsibility in a timesharing agreement can be either shared or sole, and decisions for how responsibility is shared are based on many factors. Understanding the complexities that go into determining a timesharing plan can be challenging. Ensuring that you have a trusted attorney on your side is an important step in protecting your parental rights and in helping you arrange a timesharing agreement that benefits both you and your children. Our child custody lawyer offers compassionate and understanding guidance, while also being diligent in representing your best interests.

Understanding the intricacies of what goes into determining timesharing agreements can be challenging. By taking the time to appreciate your unique situation and needs, our family law attorney can help you defend your parental rights. In addition to representing you during the initial process of defining a timesharing agreement, we can also help you if you require modifications to timesharing agreements or if you need assistance in enforcing a timesharing agreement that has already been established.

If you have children and are going through a divorce, time-sharing is one of the most important issues you will face in the process. Call the child custody lawyer (family law lawyer) at Grazi & Gianino today at (772) 286-0200 for caring yet aggressive guidance and representation.

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