Name Change

If you are seeking a legal name change in Florida, Grazi & Gianino can help. The process of obtaining a name change in Florida can be rather tedious and utilizing a lawyer experienced in Florida’s name change process allows the process to proceed more smoothly and with fewer delays.

The state of Florida does not allow individuals to change their name simply by using a new name for a specific amount of time (known as a “common usage” name change). The only way to change your name in the state of Florida is to go through the legal name change process as described herein.

The only way to obtain a name change in Florida, unrelated to marriage or divorce, is by filing a legal petition for a change of name, which includes the disclosure of a great deal of personal information. The forms must be notarized and you will have to be fingerprinted and supply a state and federal background check. Finally, it will have to be proven that your name change request does not violate any individual’s rights and does not infringe on trademarks, patents or other privacy issues and that you have no illegal or ulterior motives for the name change. Your name change petition will then be brought before a Circuit Court judge in your legal county of residence for final approval.

Name changes are desired for a variety of reasons, and they needn’t be a difficult process. By utilizing a lawyer familiar with all aspects of the process, you can rest assured that your legal name change will progress according to schedule. We assist you in filing all necessary paperwork and obtaining the proper background checks. This allows you to more quickly and effortlessly change your name.

There are a number of reasons that a legal name change in Florida can be denied. This includes situations in which it can be shown that your name change interferes with another individual’s rights or violates trademark, patent or property rights. You must confirm that your name change is not being done for illegal purposes, and if it is uncovered that you have ulterior motives, your name change can be denied. Other reasons that you can be denied a legal name change is if it is discovered that you are not a legal resident of the state of Florida or you have been convicted of a felony.

The process generally takes approximately two to three months, but can vary based on the Circuit Court judge’s schedule. If a judge grants your name change request, he or she will have the information sent to the Office of Vital Statistics of the Department of Health and to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. You will then be able to obtain a new ID with your new legally changed name. You will be responsible for making all additional name changes, such as with the Department of Motor Vehicles (drivers license), Social Security Office and on other pertinent documents such as passports, bank accounts, employment records, and similar documentation.

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