Title Problems Resolution

Title defects are any claims or other factors that could cause the title to a property to be declared invalid. Sometimes referred to as a cloud on title, the title defect can be any one of a wide range of issues that cause the current title to be called into question. Examples of a title defect range from simple wording that does not comply with standards in place at the time of the issue of the title to the discovery of other claims on the property that were not acknowledged at the time the deed was issued.

Ideally, any title for property issued within a jurisdiction will comply fully with local laws. This means that all claims to the property are filed with the local government office that is responsible for maintaining property records. Depending on the location, this may be a registrars office, a probate office, or a recorders office. The claim information must be kept current in order to prevent the potential for a title defect. For example, if a lien is paid in full and discharged, records with the local government office should be updated accordingly.

If a title problem is confronting you, then you should seek legal assistance immediately. Entangling yourself directly may only exacerbate matters.

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