A critical component to any effective law firm is a well-trained staff. These are the people who handle the daily routine processing of legal actions. And, whenever a staff member is trained and able to effectively conduct the legal business of the office, then the attorney is neither required to spend their more expensive time doing such work, but the attorney is also freed-up to focus on those matters that require their attention. In a nutshell, that means lower costs to our clients, while maintaining top-quality legal services. Our Stuart law firm is proud of the Grazi & Gianino staff and their abilities to get the job done!

Ana Suarez
Legal Assistant to Ryan Grazi
Kelly DeMaria
Legal Assistant and Closer
Ann Becker Johnson
Legal Secretary to Peter Gianino
Patricia Alarcon Tovar
Firm Bookkeeper
Debbie Lockliear
Paralegal to Maxine A. Noel
Yolanda Taylor
Receptionist, Billing Department, File Management, Hearing/Mediation Coordinator