Construction Matters, Disputes and Litigation

There can be many reasons for a construction lawsuit. Disputes may arise between property owners and their contractors, developers, engineers or architects, and with neighboring property owners, or with local or state governments. Also, there may be issues with contracts or construction defects. Businesses and individuals may also be forced into court due to payment disputes or construction liens.

A construction dispute can arise in a variety of ways due to the nature of construction projects. A few of the most common construction disputes handled by Grazi & Gianino are errors and omissions, delays, differing site conditions, failure to comply with the terms of the construction contract, and the inadequate or poor quality of materials, and breach of warranty claims.

Payment disputes involving construction projects revolve around contracts, whether one party misunderstood the terms before signing or the other party failed to comply with the terms of the arrangement. Disputes over back charges and change orders are also a major concern for many owners and contractors alike.  The proper handling of a payment dispute is crucial, especially since these disputes can lead to litigation.

Defects in construction may result from faulty workmanship, insufficient design, and from material deficiencies. Grazi & Gianino will assist you in identifying and solving potential defects, and in efficiently and effectively resolving claims through arbitration, mediation, and trial.

Contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, suppliers, and other lienors may look to your property if they are not paid. This is true even if you have already paid your contractor. A lien may also be placed on your property if you fail to pay your contractor. In the event a lien is filed, your property may be sold against your will to pay for labor, materials, or other services that your contractor may not have paid.  Grazi & Gianino will assist you in resolving any liens incorrectly placed on your property.

The law regarding many of these issues involve very short time periods for asserting your rights and we suggest that you promptly speak with an attorney. If you need help with such challenging matters, Grazi & Gianino offers experienced legal representation for construction law cases in Florida.